Our story

Thank you for wanting to hear our story.

Our story is about a journey filled with ups and downs, about a designer who loved fashionable bags but had no experience. We were so happy when we created our first bag made of paper and glue- now we know paper pushers have a good eye for designing stylish paper bags!

It was then that our journey really started. We learnt everything from scratch, which resulted in lots of tears and long hours. New challenges seemed to spring out at every twist and turn, yelling surprise! It meant non-stop learning, like how to design on CAD software (that’s computer-assisted design- an acronym we had not heard of before!) It meant many trips to fabric and leather stores and loads of samples before we figured out which high quality materials to use. It meant accepting countless rejections from manufacturers and others that didn’t call back. Yup, no call back means he's not interested. 

Hundreds of hours, designs and redesigns later, we reached an important milestone on our journey– the creation of the Abstrakt Puzzle Clutch, the first clutch of its kind. It was a piece of art that we were proud to carry, and importantly, a piece of wearable art that we believe you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

Along the way, we learnt how important it was to appreciate the ups and downs of your journey and to reward the achievements. We personally invite you to share with us the journey you’ve enjoyed and how you’ve rewarded yourself. We’re still writing our story and would love you to be a part of our journey.



Tanya and B